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Charcoal Face Mask : Benefits & How To Apply

An old world remedy with many new beauty products, talking about charcoal, and you may be surprised by the charcoal face mask benefits.

When you think of charcoal, a barbecue grill is what probably comes to mind. Did you know the dark substance can clean your body inside and out?

I mean every beauty product and every face wash face pack everybody is coming up with this activated carbon powder and this is a ver important thing.

Because it cleans and it cleanse and it removes your impurities from the very basic part of your face or maybe it can be anything like you can drink this for detoxing.

If you put it on the skin, it will just suck everything into it. That’s a great cleansing agent.

We spoke to dr. Julie rosick about the benefits of charcoal. Our skin and body is not two separate organisms it will benefit your skin. Absorbing toxins from the stomach will help your skin.

There’s tooth pastes that promise to remove stains and whiten your teeth and shampoos, but it’s not for the hair. We are treating the skin of the skull the same way, cleansing and exfoliating and removing the impurities.

Not just any will do. Look for activated charcoal. That’s a charcoal with more oxygen added to that.

She says to avoid the online fad, mixing the glue with the charcoal powder to create a facial mask. We are not talking about exfoliation here. We are talking about ripping off the top layer of your skin. Your skin is your protective barrier.

As with anything, moderation is key. If you remove too much of the oil, it’s there for a reason, to protect our skin, and you can absolutely over dry it.

The doctor recommends working it into your skin plan, but it should not replace anything. Your skin is looking great.

Benefits And Uses Of Charcoal Face Mask

What benefits of charcoal face mask or activated carbon powder. I’m going to show you four steps in this blog.

Where I have done of face mask of this I have done a peel-off mask for this activated carbon. I have also used it for lightening my under arms and the fourth one for cleaning my teeth so all these are very beneficial four uses.

Are now started so as you can see over here I have taken charcoal powder you have to honey and you need aloe vera gel.

I’m going to show you how to prepare charcoal or activated carbon as it is known a mask to remove impurities and dirt from your face so if you don’t have aloe veragel over here you can directly take the carbon powder and honey and mix.

That will work very fine if you want to skip honey and only use carbon activated powder and the aloe vera gel that’s also completely fine.

The use is up to you Iam just showing you how to prepare the mask. I am also going to add a little bit of rose water into this. A two three drops of rose water which I use the keybrand.

Which is the pure rose water so that it gives an enhanced effect for the mask so now we are going to make the carbon activated mask.

I’m going to take two teaspoons like this over here we will see if the consistency is not more liquidy because we want a mass. We want it little so I’m going to add a little honey into it okay and I’m going to add my aloe vera gel into.

It now we are going to mix this and we will see the consistency if the consistency is too runny. We’re going to add more or carbon powder into it.

I’ll add two drops that’s it and we’re going to mix it with the brush and you can apply in your face with this brush.

Which comes application of the mask this is the consistency of the mask so this i show you have to create with aloe vera rose water and honey.

I have added all three for enhance benefit you can skip if you don’t have anything. If you don’t have aloe vera gel you can skip that totally but mostly guys I feel aloe vera and the carbon will create an amazing mask and remove all the dirt impurities deep down from your skin.

So now I’ll show you how to apply this mask first of all don’t be scared yeah it’s very scary the black colour coming on your face but you don’t get scared the black.

Which is using carbon is for pulling out all the dirt and germs from your face. So before applying this mask you have to see that you have washed your face and all the makeup. Everything is removed from your face and using a brush try to cover every part of your face all the corners. leaving the eye area and the lips area and you can drag it up to your neck also.

My advice is that after drying you have to let it dry the mask will dry after that dont directly go and wash it with lukewarm water.

Because it is black in color it is going to stain your dress very badly and the stain comes out that is not a problem but you know my advice is that you take any random cloth which is clean in the warm water and wipe first of all black carbon powder and everything.

It’s benefits are amazing I mean carbon drags all the dirt and impurities. It’s very good for fighting acne pimples from the skin and it also reduces your melanin pigment from your skin and gives a nice glow to your skin.


My name is Sajid. I completed my chemical engineering in 2020 and I started blogging. I upload daily new health related post. Its 100% safe and trusted.

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