Ajwain (Carom Seeds) Benefits In English - Ajwain Leaves

Ajwain (Carom Seeds) Benefits In English – Ajwain Leaves

Ajwain (carom seeds) is used in every home. Let us discuss ajwain also to many thing attached with it like ajwain benefits in English, Benefits of Ajwain with with water and Ajwain leaves and plant.

Ajwain is of hot dry potency, which means, owing to its hot nature, it will release Vayu-disorders. This will not only clear Vayu, but it will also relieve aches and pains.

Ajwain (Carom Seeds) Benefits In English - Ajwain Leaves

Other than this, it is dry. Which means, that it will work well for Kapha disorders in the body and will clear Kapha. Other than it will also take care of stomach bugs, because of its cold-dry nature.

Carom seeds are of different types. ‘Tumba Ajwain’, and the frequently used at homes is the “Normal Ajwain’ and also there is ‘Ajmod’ (celery seeds).

Benefits Of Ajwain

Ajwain will help get rid of the stomach bug. There are yet more benefits, which we will understand in more detail here.

Either it is given with hot water, or it is given mixed in buttermilk, or made from curd etc. Which is taken after lunch or it is given with milk.

If you take this with water, a teaspoon of carom seeds, and heat the water, and allowed it to become lukewarm. The carom seeds have help to be swallowed with this. This will give relief in a stomach ache, and get rid of stomach bugs.

Ajwain (Carom Seeds) Benefits In English - Ajwain Leaves

If someone is troubled with stomach bugs and you give this is the morning and evening it will help get rid of the bugs. But, remember that this is dry. So, people who have problem a dry tendency. To get rid of their stomach bugs, should not take it with water, but it take with milk.

What this will do when given with milk?

A kind to what I was telling you about water. When it is given with hot water, a little amount of salt has to be added, as salt will speed up the digestion.

If the food is not getting digested and is stuck, in that case, carom seeds and black salt. If you don’t have black salt, then use common salt. Take it in equal quantities 1/2 to 3/4 teaspoons then to be swallowed with hot or lukewarm water.

If food is lying undigested in the stomach, is causing indigestion and causing heaviness, or is causing a stomach ache. Then this will help him get rid of the pain.

What will happen when taken with milk?
Ajwain (Carom Seeds) Benefits In English - Ajwain Leaves

Give milk in the morning and evening, with carom seeds to swallow which will help in the milk to get digested. For people who find it hard to digest milk, this will help in digesting the milk.

If you want to have the carom seeds and milk later, that is doable. If you eat the carom seeds and then drink milk, or have it with milk together, that will kill the stomach bugs. It has very good benefits.

All that we do, if I advise carom seeds for stomach bugs and I know that this can be given with water, as well as with milk. If I advise it to be taken in the evening, then I would advise Triphala powder at night.

So, in the morning, the bowels would get flushed and there would be no place for the bugs in the stomach. Follow this routine twice or thrice a week. It will take care of the bugs.

Apart from this, because this is of hot-dry potency. If you take it with buttermilk. Which is hydrating then it will help neutralise the dry effect of the carom seeds.

When you take carom seeds along with buttermilk, digestion will get better. It will work as a digestive, and will help increase appetite. Along with this, it will also cure non bleeding piles.

Non bleeding piles means, piles caused by excess with Vayu, and does not cause bleeding. It will cure this condition when taken with buttermilk.

This being of dry nature. Generally not given to a person who suffering from a Pitta disorder. Foods of a hot-dry nature are not given to them. However, when it is given with buttermilk, then this changes its nature to hot hydrating, then it does not cause so much damage in Pitta.

Benefits Of Ajwain Leaves

Ajwain (Carom Seeds) Benefits In English - Ajwain Leaves

Ajwain leaves can be boiled with water and made into a warm concoction to home remedy persistent cold and cough.

If you have a pesky cold and cough, take some 8 or 10 ajwain leaves, clean them with water and then add them to a glass of water and put it to boil on a low heat. Allow the decoction to boil, until the water is reduced to about 3/4 of its original quantity.

Take it off the flame, allow it to cool down a bit and then drink it for relief from cold and cough. Add a little honey to it, if you like to improve taste.

You can add ajwain leaves to any fruits or vegetables juice of your choice to add flavour and nutrition to the drinks. You can add them to any green juice of your choice to make it more palatable and flavourful of taste.

This is some benefits of Ajwain and Ajwain leaves. So use it and solve your problem related this.

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