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How to Reduce Body Heat Instant and Get Relief

Our body reacts to internal and external changes. Your body temperature goes up when external temperature goes up and parallel external temperature decreases then reduce body heat.

The normal body temperature is often quoted as 98.6 degree fahrenheit, but it can be slightly lower or higher. The average body temperature of adults is between 97.6 and 99.04 degree fahrenheit.

What are the various reasons of a body temperature goes up?

The one is intense physical activity and another is the Sunny days. During summer days when we go out we experienced dehydration and our body temperature also goes up. Another thing is reaction of our body to various medications.

How To Reduce Body Heat

So today, i’m gonna be describing how to use natural remedy to reduce body heat.

I saw some best and instant relief remedies which help you to reduce body heat.

Pawpaw Leaves And Cashew Leaves

So for this treatment we’re gonna need Pawpaw leaves and Cashew leaves. Those are the two things that we need.

For Pawpaw leaves, it’s ok you can use the the regular Pawpaw leaves, right, but for the cashew leaves, it’s more advisable to get the dry one.

So just get about five pawpaw leaves and five cashew leaves. So you’re gonna put them together in a pot and you’re gonna cook. You have to cook it for 10 minutes. It will cook for 10 minutes and after 10 minutes, you will let it sit. Let it cool down and you have to be drinking this two times a day for 5 days.

You will drink this twotimes a day for five days. Within three days, you will start seing good results.


So for this treatment we’re gonna need sesame oil, Peppercorns and Garlic. Those are the two things that we need.

Pour 2 tsp sesame oil in a tadka pan. Put 10 pepper corns after the oil gets hot. When oil starts to boil lightly put 4 garlic pods without peeling off the skin. Let it boil in medium flame. Be careful as it can splutter. Switch off the stove and let it cool.

Now it is cool and apply this in your toe. Wash it after 2 minutes and don’t leave it for more than two minutes as you may get cold.

You will see that you body heat reduces in 2 minutes. You can apply this before taking bath and then bath, it will solve all the problems due to body heat.

You’ll find yourself waking up all fresh and relaxed. Men with decreased masculinity may do the same to resolve it.

Those who are prone to catching colds easily, add a drop of eucalyptus oil to the concoction or reduce the frequency of applying it to once a week.

You may apply this concoction to kids if they undergo body heat troubles. People who regularly use computers and mobile phones may follow it regularly as long as it agrees with their body.

Usage of sesame oil is advisable as it has many medicinal properties, and can put a stop to acne and hair fall problems.

Elders Advised

Elders advise us to take bath early in the day, because doing so reduces one’s body heat, but not many of us obey it.

Staying up late at night causes health issues and side effects to one’s body. We should practice the habit of oiling our hair and washing it, twice a week.

It can be any kind of oil as long as it’s pure. Showering before 7 or 8 AM is preferable. Drink plenty of water.

Keep your electronic goods at arm’s length or place a pyramid between you and the goods so that you’re protected from its harmful rays.

During Summer

During this summer days We find our body gets heated up and we feel discomfort also during these kind of situations you need to drink Extraordinary amount of water to bring down our body heat.

Do you know when we drink extraordinary amount of water the metabolism which could take place inside of our body has the immediate effect on our body and brings down the body heat also.

The second thing you could do is regular intake of watery fruits like water Melon, cucumber and drink tender coconut on daily basis to maintain body temperature.

The third thing you could do is okay if you have streams or rivers or pool in your condo or apartment or house just go and spend some time.

Taking baths and relaxing and swimming. So this has some very good effect on our body to maintain our body temperature.

The fourth thing you could do is so take a milk, cold milk and make some amount of honey and drink it does wonders.

10 Food Which Help Reduce Body Heat

This water rich food is very effective in reducing body heat to a grate extent.

Amla is rich source of vitamin C which help in reducing body heat.

Very rich in water and effective in providing cooling effect to the human body.

It has grate cooling effect which can soothe the human body and reduce body heat effectively.

Coconut Water
It is electrolyte composition which the great for body rehydration.

Fennel Seeds
Soak fennel seeds in water overnight. Strain and have the water in the morning to reducing body heat.

High water content and good source of vitamin C. Highly effective in treating heat stress.

Contains vitamins C along with other antioxidants which can help the human body stay hydrated.

The potassium content of banana offer the great cooling effect on human body.

Loaded with a high amount of water content which help you in staying hydrated and gives you a wonderful cool effect.

This is some best techniques to reduce body heat, use it and improve your health.

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My name is Sajid. I completed my chemical engineering in 2020 and I started blogging. I upload daily new health related post. Its 100% safe and trusted.

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